Get Standout Eyelashes with these 5 Unusual Items

Having long and strong eyelashes is a dream that every girl has. Anyone knows that having longer lashes can help make one’s eyes pop out even more. However, there are even more ways to get standout eyelashes with these 5 unusual items.

Eyelash Comb (or a clean Toothbrush)

An eyelash comb may seem like a simple tool, but there are plenty of uses to this simple tool.  For one, an eyelash comb is a great pair to a mascara. Moreover, it helps in making the lashes naturally longer.

A. Fix dry fiber mascara

Despite being a 3D Fiber Lash Mascara expert, there are times when I would still make application mistakes. It’s not the problem of the dry fiber mascara, there are just times when I would be in a rush and not give the mascara enough time to dry. With the help of an eyelash comb or a clean toothbrush, one can even out the clumps formed during application or correct any mistakes that have been made.

B. Make Mascara Less Clumpy

Regardless if you are using a regular mascara or a dry fiber mascara, an eyelash comb can make the mascara appear less clumpy. If in casethe mascara becomes too thick, the user can just brush the eyelashes to makethe mascara less clumpy and more even.

C. Separate the Eyelashes

Another benefit of using an eyelash comb is that the eyelashes can become more separated. This can help the eyelashes look more natural. On top of that, it highlights the eyes and lashes since the lashes become more prominent.

D. Make lashes longer

In one of our recent articles, we have detailed the importance of combing the eyelashes. As stated in the article, “It is often said that combing the hair frequently makes the hair shinier and longer. This is also the same case for eyelashes. There are specialized combs that can be used directly for the eyelashes. Brushing the lashes daily will result in shinier and thicker lashes. Moreover, brushing the lashes can also help stimulate the growth of the eyelashes.”(

Eyelash Serum

Eyelash serums are formulated to make the eyelashes longer. Apply them with the help of an eyelash comb and watch your lashes grow longer and stronger. When choosing an eyelash serum, it is important to pick a brand that contains natural ingredients that would not harm the eyelashes and the eyes. It is also important to know the contents of the eyelash serum to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.



Wait! Are we eating or what? Why do I need a spoon? Well, you don’t want to make a mess when applying your mascara. This is where a spoon can come in handy as it can act as a mascara shield. When applying the mascara on the lower lids, it is important to put a spoon below the lid with the curved side out. This will help prevent smudging of the mascara.

Blow Dryer

In order to define the curl of the lashes more, you can blow warm air into it.  The heat will make the lashes curl even more. However, it is important not to apply it when the curler is still too hot. With your heated eyelash curler, you can becertain that the lashes will curl up well for a longer period.

Cotton Swabs

Speaking of cleaning up mascara messes, the most convenient solution is the plain ol’ cotton swabs. It is trusty when needed and it allows you to clean up any spots. Moreover, it is able to reach even the parts nearest the lashes. This way the eye makeup finish can look so much better.

Warm Water

You may be thinking, “What does warm water have to do with my eyelashes?” Well, the warm water wouldn’t help you make your lashes looklonger. However, it can help loosen up dry mascara to make the application easier. It also ensures that you are able to maximize the use of your mascara to the last drop.

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