7 Tips to Keep Makeup Routine Shorter

Who doesn’t want a few more minutes to just lie around in bed each morning? Most women dream of sleeping in every morning and being able to head out the door with a perfectly contoured face. We all know that makeup can take some time to apply. Now, what if you can find ten tips to speed up makeup routine without looking disheveled?

  • Keep your Makeup Products Organized at all Times

Isn’t it easier to do your makeup when you don’t have to spend every five minutes looking for a certain product? Have a designated area for each of your products. This would allow you to know where to find them when you need them.

This will also help you know where to put them back after using them. You can buy makeup organizers or drawers to make sure that you can maximize the space in your drawer. Before you sleep, you should arrange your makeup products. This will ensure that you will have a smoother makeup routine in the morning.

  • Be Consistent with your Skincare Routine

You may be thinking, “What does skincare have to do with my morning makeup routine?” I hear you, but you got to hear me out, too. When your skin is smooth, you have a great base for your makeup.

You can probably even skip the foundation and concealer step if you have an even skin tone and a rosier complexion.  It is also important to start with a clean face when doing your makeup. This is to ensure that the makeup stays on longer and better.

  • When in a rush, stick to the three basics

If you have missed your alarm and you are scrambling to get to work or school, you just need three makeup products in your purse. First, you need a 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, like the Mia Adora 3d fiber lash mascara kit, to add volume and thickness to your lashes. Next, you should have a blush to put some life into your cheeks. Lastly, you need a good ol’ lip balm to make your lips look moisturized and hydrated.

  • Multitasking Product for Lips and Cheeks

Lip and cheek tints are a total lifesaver. It saves up on space, time, and money. When one uses a lip and cheek tint, they are able to use two products for the price of one.

You can just apply tint on the apple of your cheeks. Next, spread it out to make the cheeks look rosier. Moreover, you can also use it to add color to your lips without having to reach for another product in your bag.

  • Cover Dark Circles with a Concealer

Having dark circles will make you look tired and restless. Even if you lack sleep, you can sleep look put together by covering the dark circles that you have with an effective concealer.

You can look like you had a good night’s sleep even when you only actually had a few hours’ worths of sleep if you are able to eliminate dark circles.

  • Make the Eyes Pop more

If you are in a rush during the morning, it is better to focus on your eye makeup more. For a regular day, it is important to choose whether to wear bolder eye makeup or bolder lipstick. With the use of the Mia Adora 3D fiber lash mascara, it is easier to make the eyes pop even more.

On top of that, the eye makeup is trickier to apply compared to the lipstick. This is why it should be done first thing in the morning. However, it is important to use waterproof products, like the Mia Adora Unshakeable eyeliner, to ensure that this can last throughout the entire day.

  • Ditch the Brush for the Blender or your Finger

Using a makeup brush can take too much of your time and your makeup. When you use a blender, you are able to blend out smaller areas of the skin. Moreover, it allows for a quicker application of the product.

On the other hand, when one uses their finger, it produces a more accurate result. Do you want to know why? This is because you have better control over your fingers

  • Have a standard 5-minute, a 10-minute, and a 15-minute routine

When you are pressed for time, it may be hard to decide which makeup to put on. This is why it is important to have a standard routine that works for you. When I am not in a rush, I would usually put a bit more effort into my makeup.

However, if I have to be out the door in 20 minutes, I would have a 5-minute routine that I have already mastered. This way, I would know exactly what to do depending on the preparation time that I have in the morning.

  • Put on Red Lipstick

On days that you need to feel more confident, you can just put on red lipstick and the confidence will follow. You should never underestimate the power of the red lipstick and how easy it is to put one.

It can be used for fancy affairs or it can be used during regular work days. You can apply it on your drive or commute to work. This means that you will be able to speed up makeup routine during the morning.

  • Use affordable, but quality products

When heading out in the morning, it is important to use products that will last throughout the day.  You do not want to speed up the morning routine process and find yourself being annoyed at the constant touch-ups that you need to do when the product that you use comes with a poor quality.

If you wish to get a head start on finding affordable products, here is a list of 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras under $20.

Once you have mastered your morning makeup routine, you can speed up the makeup routine and head out the door quickly without any worries.

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